what is guarantees offered by an auto insurance ?


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The guarantees included in an auto insurance contract directly determine the level of protection offered. Discover in this article the mandatory guarantees and the additional guarantees offered by insurance companies.

Table contents

  • Civil liability
  • All risks or all accidents guarantee
  • Collision damage coverage
  • Compensation in the event of fire and theft
  • Glass breakage guarantee
  • Warranties related to damage warranties

Civil liability

Motor vehicle owners are required to carry at least third-party liability insurance. This protection only covers damage caused by the insured car to third parties or other vehicles. See Direct Insurance auto insurance for more information.

All risks or all accidents guarantee

The all-risk guarantee covers all damage caused to the car, regardless of the circumstances of the accident or the responsibility of the driver. Although it is the highest protection of all coverages, it significantly increases the deductible.

Collision damage coverage

This warranty covers damage to your vehicle in the event of a collision with another car, a pedestrian, an animal, or an obstacle. In all cases, the identity of the owner of the vehicle, pedestrian, or animal in question must be known.

Theft coverage provides compensation if the car is stolen. The compensation varies according to the terms of the contract and can be based on the value of the vehicle at the time of the loss or on the value stipulated in the policy.

The vandalism guarantee, sometimes combined with the theft guarantee, protects against various acts, in particular:

  • Damaged windows and mirrors.
  • The scratches on the bodywork.
  • Tire punctures.
  • Bodywork damage.
  • Torn windshield wipers
  • graffiti

The fire warranty, as its name suggests, covers drivers whose vehicle has been burnt out.

Glass breakage guarantee

The glass breakage guarantee applies in the event of damage caused to the windshield of the insured car. It can also support side windows, rear windows, roof windows, headlight optics, and even mirrors.

Warranties related to damage warranties

When you take out damage cover (all risks, collision, theft, fire, etc.), certain covers are mandatory. You then automatically benefit from cover against natural disasters, technical disasters, storms, attacks, etc.

Finally, insurers can offer other options such as mechanical breakdown cover, accessory theft cover, steering wheel loan cover, etc.


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