Life Insurance without entree fee: which one to choose?


life insurance

Today, you want to choose from the various contracts offered to set up life insurance. This life insurance contract can be essential for saving with tax advantages. It is often a sum of money that we do not want to touch, that we thus wish to leave aside in the long term. But, how to choose insurance with the management of the contract without entry fees? This is what we are going to see now.

How to choose a free life insurance policy?

To begin with, be aware that it is possible to turn to sites that offer a comparison of the contracts offered by life insurance companies. So, if you want to highlight the fact that this life insurance is a contract with no entry fees, you can find a selection of the best offers on These mediums are perfect for finding this type of life insurance.

The management fees of a life insurance contract can take into account several things such as entry fees when signing the contract, but not only. There are also management fees, fees in relation to options, fees for investment vehicles or, depending on the management of insurance.

Finally, it is the arbitration costs that are involved in the cost of insurance. The arbitration costs are the fact of taking into account the rate of the contract, which can go up to 1% as well as the fixed price. Life insurance arbitration costs are different from one insurer to another and according to the contracts.

The criteria to put forward in the choice of your life insurance

To choose the best free life insurance, do not neglect certain criteria in this contract. First of all, we understood it but the cost in euros of this insurance has an impact on your choice. Thus, favor life insurance at 0 euros for the entry costs of this life insurance.

The funds in euros for this life insurance contract are also very important. It is essential to judge the performance of this investment over the long term. In this way, the return must be calculated over a minimum of 3 years. It is, therefore, necessary to choose to observe the evolution of the fund in euros. Therefore, the insurer can guarantee the capital invested in this life insurance.

Then, in this contract, in the digital age, in particular, it is essential not to neglect the managed management of your life insurance free of charge. Even if you put few euros, even 0 euros for the management of this capital, the managed management must be simple to set up on a daily basis. Online and remote management is essential, in particular, to control each payment.

In addition, beware of life insurance that works with units of account. The units of account do not offer any guarantee on your capital. Thus, these units of account can turn out to be quite a risky investment.

Therefore, you have understood it but among all the contracts available on the market, it is essential to highlight certain criteria. For the payment of your capital when you wish, but also for the return on this life insurance.

Life insurance companies that offer free contracts

Let’s quickly see which insurer is put forward to offer contracts without spending euros for an ideal online service.

To begin, let’s talk about Lineax, which offers a fully digitalized service for simplified managed management such as making a payment. What counts for Lineax is digital, compliant media and advice for its customers with finance experts. This life insurer offers several contracts for a solution adapted to your capital and payment.

Finally, there is also Yomoni Vie, reputed to be one of the cheapest insurers. This completely online service makes it possible to avoid having to deal with arbitration fees or entry fees. These are in particular the units of account and the management of the fund in euros which is offered at 0.6%. Which is very little for these contracts. If you want to make a transfer, it will be totally free.


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