Introduction The All-electric Nissan LEAF


Since their introduction on the market in 2010, more than 380,000 100% electric Nissan LEAFs are already on the road. It is therefore a very recognized car, with more than 90% of users satisfied with the product and who recommend it to others! Here are the reasons for such success.Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF closes a concentrate on technology

Most of the time, talking about an electric vehicle means discussing cutting-edge technology. And obviously, the Nissan LEAF follows this rule. It offers an abundance of comfort, safety, and features.

Its new pedal, for example, is a system that will save you time and energy. This system makes it possible to accelerate and brake with a single pedal. In addition, the brake pedal is always available in case of emergency.

This car is also equipped with a “ Nissan Connect ” navigation system compatible with Apple, Car Play, and Android Auto.

In addition to this system, it is also equipped with the “ ProPILOT Park ” functionality which greatly facilitates driving in urban areas. With this feature, the car can park autonomously by managing on its own:

  • The direction,
  • braking,
  • acceleration
  • and the gearbox.

In addition, it is also equipped with the “ ProPILOT ” system which acts as a driving assistance system. It combines lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control to enable semi-autonomous driving. Thanks to this system, the Nissan LEAF can come to a complete stop and then resume driving in traffic without the driver having to intervene.

The design of the Nissan LEAF is very well done

The design of the Nissan LEAF deliberately evokes a futuristic, seductive, and streamlined style. Thanks to its contemporary lines, it is even more modern and dynamic. Its flat underbody and its air extractor at the rear have been worked to increase its aerodynamics.

Thus, with this look, it stands out radically from its predecessors. It can also carry up to 5 passengers and its trunk has been optimized to hold up to 435 L.

As for its interior, it has also received great attention from designers. It has been equipped with a digital dashboard with digital buttons and a 7-inch touchscreen displaying the “ProPILOT” functionality.

Other advantages of the Nissan LEAF

By its electric nature, the Nissan LEAF will allow you to save fuel. Indeed, thanks to this feature, users can easily get rid of the price of gasoline. They will only need €2 to travel 100 km, without fear of strikes and shortages. And with this advantage, there is no need to stand in long queues in front of gas stations.

Apart from these savings, it will also allow you to benefit from a very nice discount on its basic purchase price which is €29,700. Indeed, as it is an electric car, it benefits from an ecological bonus of €6,000 and sometimes a conversion bonus of up to €2,500. This represents a reduction of nearly €8,500.


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