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car insurance

In certain circumstances, it must be admitted… We are tempted to drive without insurance! A few people risk it and escape the authorities by chance. But if unfortunately, you had a car accident? The law is very strict on this subject and the car can cause damage to others or be damaged by a third party. For all these reasons, it requires the driver to take out at least third-party insurance. In the rest of our administrative guide, learn everything you need to know about car insurance!


  1. Car insurance
  2.  Car insurance: a legal obligation!
  3.  What is the minimum subscription required by law?
  4.  Who is this type of formula primarily intended for?
  5.  What other guarantees?
  6.  Why opt for an all-risk insurance contract?
  7.  Driving without insurance: penalties
  8.  Legally, what do you risk if you drive without insurance?
  9.  And in the event of involvement in an accident?
  10. Practical questions about car insurance
  11.  How much can subscribing to an insurance company cost?
  12.  Simulation or comparators: what interest?
  13. And what about young license insurance then?
  14. If the insurance companies refuse to accept the subscription, what should be done?
  15. What about a non-driving car?
  16. Can you lend your car occasionally?
  17. The essentials to remember

Auto insurance

Car insurance: a legal obligation!

Motor insurance has been compulsory since the law of February 27, 1958. It requires owners to insure their motor vehicles traveling on public roads, whether they are intended for the transport of people or goods. So, if you have a passenger car, a motorcycle, a truck, a caravan, a tractor or a forklift, do not forget to take out car insurance that covers you for any damage caused to others.

What is the minimum subscription required by law?

“Automotive civil liability” being the minimum imposed by the legislation, the insurer who has caused damage is therefore required to repair or compensate it through his insurer. This is also referred to as a “third-party guarantee”. It provides basic coverage against material damage, physical injury or any accidental damage that may occur suddenly. Insuring third-party payment is a way to pay less for car insurance.

Who is this type of formula mainly aimed at?

If you hesitate in your choice and in your search for the best possible insurance, the one that will best suit your needs, here are some suitable profiles, which will help you in your future choice:

  • You have a used vehicle
  • You own an old car
  • You only use your car occasionally
  • You are a young driver

If you recognize yourself in one of these points, you can consider taking out a third-party car insurance policy.

What other guarantees?

Since there are several scenarios of damage, the insured can include in his contract other guarantees that are optional, but necessary. This may be a guarantee that covers the driver in the event of an accident or even a guarantee that he benefits from in the event of theft, glass breakage or fire. Insurance organizations are diversifying their offers in order to meet all expectations in terms of car insurance. The “all risks” is an offer that includes virtually all guarantees!

Why opt for an all-risk insurance contract?

If you have the necessary means to allow you to sign an all-risk car insurance contract, here are the advantages that this will bring you:

  • You will benefit from better guarantees: in other words, you will be better insured!
  • If you have just bought a new car or have a high-end vehicle, it is better not to take any risks.

Driving without insurance: the penalties

Legally, what do you risk if you drive without insurance?

Beyond a simple ticket, driving without insurance or “lack of insurance” is a violation of the law that can have several consequences.

The perpetrator of this offense is subject to a fine of 3,750 euros. This fine, once pronounced, can be accompanied by a multitude of penalties such as:

  • the suspension of the permit or its cancellation with a ban on obtaining a new one for an average of three years,
  • the ban on driving certain types of motorized land vehicles for a maximum period of 5 years,
  • the possibility of carrying out work of general interest,
  • the obligation to complete a road safety awareness course at his expense or the confiscation of the vehicle.

The perpetrators of an insurance default may have difficulty finding a new insurer afterwards and the prices of car insurance contracts may increase.

What if involved in an accident?

For an insured car, it is up to the insurer to cover the civil liability of the owner and therefore to pay compensation for victims in the event of an accident.

In the absence of insurance, the settlement is a little more complicated and can be much more expensive for the person responsible for the accident. In this case, the Automobile Guarantee Fund will be responsible for compensating the victims. But the responsibility of the author is not thereby released, because in turn, he will have to reimburse the FGA

Practical questions about car insurance

How much can subscribing to an insurance company cost?

Insurance costs depend on several factors. First, for drivers with less than three years of experience or after three years of no insurance, an additional premium will be applied to the subscription for the next two years. It can range from a maximum of 100% of the basic contribution for third-party insurance and 50% the second year if the insured has not had an accident. This will be removed in the third year, provided that the insured has not committed any responsible accident.

Then, the car to be insured and its type of use are also decisive. For new cars with high value, powerful cars with high speed capacity as well as for cars used daily in a profession, the premiums are much higher, because the risks are assessed to be greater than average.

Finally, the traffic area could also determine the rates in auto insurance. Large agglomerations are considered to be more exposed to possible accidents

Simulation or comparators: what interest?

To find reasonable prices, you can compare offers through online comparators. These sites provide general information on the different types of insurance, as well as coverage of all kinds, depending on the formula to which the customer wishes to subscribe. All kinds of insurers can be evaluated, as well as rates and products. To do this, you must go online to complete a free form, entering your details and the type of insurance you are looking for. Then, the site will compile a list of offers that match your criteria.

To reduce the cost of insurance, it is important to choose the right formula that suits you, and to reduce the guarantees taken out according to your needs.

To find THE right insurance online, you must therefore have a good comparator! If you want to do a simulation to insure your vehicle, you can go through a site like ours,, in order to request your quote online afterwards and determine which offer best meets your expectations.

Do not hesitate to use our car insurance comparator completely free of charge and to know all the rates online, which will allow you to see more clearly between the different options available to you.

What about young license insurance then?

if you are considered a young driver, the choice of your car insurance merits careful consideration. To help you, find our 10 tips for finding inexpensive young driver car insurance that suits your needs.

If the insurance companies refuse to accept the subscription, what should be done?

For those who tend to have a series of accidents or accumulate violations, finding mutual insurance may be impossible. An insurance company is free to accept or refuse to conclude the insurance contract. If denied, the insured may appeal to the Central Pricing Office, which can enforce payment to the chosen insurer.

What about a non-driving car?

If the law imposes the fact of insuring your car, it is for a good reason: it can expose the driver, the passengers and even third parties to possible dangers. Moreover, it is not because it is not driving that a vehicle does not present a risk. For example, a fire, an explosion caused by remaining fuel or the battery can occur. This situation can also injure or cause damage to others. Hence the interest of taking out at least third-party insurance.

On the other hand, if you no longer want to pay the insurance, the car must no longer be roadworthy, therefore without tires, fuel or battery.

Can you lend your car occasionally?

Generally, insurance contracts include a “loan of the wheel” clause, which allows the insured to pass the wheel to another person with a valid driver’s license. The civil liability covered by the insurance is applicable to all drivers of the car. In this case, if an accident occurs, the insured can always use his car insurance to repair the bodily injury and material damage caused to others. However, the loan must be occasional and of short duration.

It is therefore quite possible to lend his car on an exceptional basis and it is then unnecessary for the occasional driver to take out a form of individual insurance, the main driver’s insurance already covering him.

The main thing to remember

Remember, all cars need to be registered and insured. Act fast to avoid legal repercussions. Comparing insurance quotes can save you money. Please shorten this text for me.


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